Valentines Day Craft Beer Gift Set

The perfect Valentines Day Gift for the craft beer lover in your life

...and chocolate lover. Because everyone loves chocolate.

We know that shopping for Valentines Day can be hard, so we put together a no-brainer Valentines gift. This creative valentines idea for the him or her in your life is sure to be one they'll never forget - and it all comes in one package. 

Included are a chocolate porter and cider. Drink them separately or, as a representation of your love, combine them into a Poor Man's Black Velvet. And since we promised that it was a complete package, we've also included dark chocolate and a homemade Valentines Day card for you. 

Details about the contents of this Valentines Day Gift Basket:

  • *Nevermore Chocolate Porter (by Greg Tucker) - One of the chocolatey-est beers ever. Highly rated and highly reordered by our members. 
  • *Gravitas Tilted Shed Cider (out of Sonoma County, CA) - Straw-gold and moderately effervescent with notes of overripe apple, apricot and damp earth. Has a touch of sweetness and a savory finish.
  • *TCHO Dark Chocolate Bar Sampler (out of SF, CA) - Includes two of each - "Chocolatey", "Fruity", "Nutty", and "Bright"
  • *Homemade Valentines Day Card (by Noble Brewer) - "I love you more than craft beer". Made by yours truly (us). We'll send it to you blank for you to fill out. Or, If you're shipping right to your special person, we can fill out the card for you.

Price includes shipping.

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