NorthWest IPAs and a North North West West IPA collaboration with Mikkeller

Most hops are grown in the Pacific Northwest giving breweries around there a leg up on the creation of craft beer's most popular style, the IPA. For this sampler we chose three different versions to showcase the diversity and range of the style. If you don't like hops, this isn't the sampler you're looking for.

Anchorage Brewing/Mikkeller Farmhouse Invasion IPA (750ml)- 99 on RateBeer. If you're not familiar with Anchorage Brewing, they're known for their barrel aged beers and experimentation with brettanomyces and other souring cultures. And their beers are amazing. Add Mikkeller, one of the most creative brewers on the planet, and you get something truly amazing and unlike any other IPA you've had. 

Crux Cast Out (Formerly Outcast) IPA (500ml)- 96 on RateBeer. Despite so many juicy hops perfect for IPAs right outside this Bend, Oregon brewery's door, they ventured down under for Galaxy hops to brew their Cast Out IPA. The result is a well balanced, moderately bitter 8% ABV beer showcasing the passion fruit flavors and aromas of Australia's Galaxy hop and the brewing techniques that made the Northwest famous for IPAs.

Gigantic Ginormous (22 oz) 96 on RateBeer. Some have called this beer a palate wrecker, a hop bomb, and even accused Portland based Gigantic of reckless hop endangerment. We're calling it what it is, an extreme Imperial IPA brewed with seven different hops. It's sure to deliver the punch you crave at over 100 IBUs, just do us a favor and don't start a beer tasting session with this one.

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