Here Gose Nothing

Gose style beers are like a Berliner Weisse’s slightly more sarcastic cousin who always has a downright salty look on their face. But, hey, some people just have resting unpleasant face; this doesn’t mean they aren’t awesome. We’ve put together this sampler for you. And so it gose.

Off Color Brewing / Troublesome (355 mL, 4.3 % ABV) Here comes trouble! This beer perfectly blends together an uninteresting wheat beer and an overly acidic/funky beer that is then fermented with lactobacillus. The concoction is then blended with coriander and salt to create a mildly lemon tart brew that leaves a full, tart sensation in your mouth.

Evil Twin / Mission Gose (650 mL, 4.0 % ABV) If you’re on a mission to find a gose, think of this beer as mission accomplished. A new-age take on this old-fashioned style is tart, salty and incredibly gose well with anything. If you know what I mean.

Anderson Valley / Briney Melon Gose (355 mL, 4.2 % ABV) Just like Frankenstein, this beer was born from a passion of experimentation. While a lot less dangerous, this gose possesses a thirst-quenching tartness that features watermelon flavors and that sweet, give-me-summer vibe. The subtle addition of sea salt leaves you with a fruity sweetness and dry finish that will have you wanting more and more.

Stillwater Artisanal Ales / Gose Gone Wild (355 mL, 4.3 % ABV) Let's be honest, sometimes we all need to crank it up a few notches and get a little...wild. This party-starter takes Westbrook's refreshing Gose and gives it a crazy make-over by adding massive amounts of Citra and Amarillo hops and also fermenting it with strains of Brettanomyces. This beer lets your funk flag fly and forces you to gose with the flow.

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