Big Barrel Aged Beers

Barrel Aged beers are often aged in whiskey, rye, and even wine barrels to impart additional complex flavors not usually found in beers. It's a time consuming and expensive process but one that produces some of the best beers in the world. Here's three of those beers handselected for you to try today.

UINTA LABYRINTH BARREL AGED BLACK ALE (750ml, 13.2%)- 100 on RateBeer. Uinta, an award winning brewery out of Salt Lake City, first launched their Crooked Line series of beers in 2010. The Labyrinth Barrel Aged Black Ale is part of this bold series and has hints of chocolate, licorice, and oak from aging in rye barrels.

HUMBOLDT BLACK XANTUS IMPERIAL STOUT (22 oz, 11%)- 99 on RateBeer. Dessert. That's how Humboldt describes this Imperial Stout with fair trade, organic coffee that's been aged for 6 months in a combination of Bourbon, Firestone Walker and wine barrels. We couldn't think of a better end to a meal either.

JAMES E.PEPPER 1776 BARREL-AGED BROWN ALE (22 oz, 10.4%)-  98 in RateBeer. James E. Pepper Ale is the result of Georgetown Trading, an award winning whiskey maker, partnering with Beltway Brewing to make a beer designed to showcase the toffee, oak and vanilla flavors of their rye barrels. The base beer is a strong brown ale, almost stout like with sweet coffee, vanilla, and oak shining through with a rye flavor coming at the end.

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