Phantom Carriage Sampler

Phantom Carriage is a small but mighty brewery in Carson, CA dedicated to experimentation and to the expansion of beer beyond traditional style limitations. They focus on alternate fermentations and use a wide variety of wild yeast and bacteria to deliver innovative, flavor-forward beers that are intended to be both exciting as well as approachable.

Many of Phantom Carriage’s beers are aged in a diverse assortment of wine and spirit barrels obtained through close relationships with regional producers, and ferment with cultures developed and fine-tuned over years of trials and research.  As a brewery that takes pride in each and every one of their blends, they are only distributing throughout Southern California and parts of San Francisco right now.  With deep roots in the home brewing community, they are proud to be able to share a small portion of their blends, including their limited run Bava-Barrel Aged Wild Sour Blend, with the Noble Brewer community.

Phantom Carriage MUIS (750 ml)- 100% Brett Wild Belgian Blonde. Tropical guava and papaya meld with citrus fruit; sweet/tart finish. This beer ages well and cellaring over time results in enhanced earthiness and ripe fruit. Hand numbered and bottled. ABV: 6.75%
Phantom Carriage BROADACRES (750 ml)- Wild Berliner Weisse. 100% brettanomyces/lactobacillus fermented. Bright acidity highlights notes of lemon. This version uses Dexter's favorite fruit, Blood Oranges, to add additional fruity notes to a well balanced sour that will leave you wanting more.
ABV: 3.7%
Phantom Carriage BAVA (500ml)- Barrel aged wild sour blend. This beer is a blend of the wine barrel aged blonde and the wine barrel aged berliner weisse. Lightly acidic, this blend showcases pineapple and mango flavors with notes of oak from the barrels. Expect medium to high carbonation in this refreshingly tart beverage. ABV: 5.5%

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