IPAs Not Included Sampler Pack

IPAs are the "new hotness". Everyone is trying to make them hoppier and more interesting and the craft brew community is (literally) drinking it up. But for some of us, IPAs are not God's gift to the world. We taste them and feel like we licked a pine tree. That's totally fine - no judgement here. We have just the sampler pack for you.

This pack includes:

Mike Riddle's Robust Porter - Chocolate and roasted flavors shine in this classical example of a Robust Porter

Pipe in a Sack Scotch Ale - A traditional Wee Heavy, expect intense malt and caramel flavors with hops taking a back seat in flavor in this Scottish classic.

Annie Johnson's Vanilla Imperial Porter - Brewed with Madagascar Vanilla beans, rich base malts, and a classic porter hop profile.

Lost Local's Trubbel Belgian Dark Strong Ale - A Belgian hybrid once described as "liquid luxury in a glass"

Enjoy the variety and delicious taste that comes with an IPA free sampler! Order one set or a double (because you're DEFINITELY going to want to double up on these).

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