Lost Abbey Belgian-style

Lost Abbey, a sister brewery of Port Brewing Company, is known for their Belgian-inspired and barrel-aged ales and sours. This brewery channels centuries of monastic brewing to create some of the most authentic Belgian style beers, outside Belgium of course. Once you've tried their beers, you know why they've taken home Brewery of the Year honors at the Great American Beer Festival.

LOST ABBEY LOST & FOUND (750ml, 8%)-  96 on RateBeer. The baby of the group at 8%, this Belgian inspired dubbel has all the defining characteristics you'd expect from the popular style. You should discover aromas and flavors from raisins, figs and candied fruits. 

LOST ABBEY TEN COMMANDMENTS (750ml, 10%)-  98 on RateBeer. One of Lost Abbey's seasonal releases, Ten Commandments outlines Lost Abbey's brewing philosophy. First commandment, "The most imaginative beers are our crusade." As for the beer, it's a Belgian-style Dark Farmhouse ale that has had Brettanomyces added at bottling.

LOST ABBEY JUDGEMENT DAY(750ml, 10.5%)-  99 on RateBeer. Gold medal winner at GABF. This Belgian quad is a massive version of the Lost & Found also included in this sampler. Perfect for sharing with some friends or aging while you wait around judgement day.

LOST ABBEY TRACK 8 (375ml, 13.7%)- 99 on RateBeer. A barrel aged version of Judgement Day. It's aged in American Oak Bourbon Barrels and has had cinnamon sticks and drie chili pepper added to utilize the beer's raisin character to create an "oatmeal raisin cookie." 

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