IPA All Day - 6 pack

IPAs or India Pale Ales are typically celebrated 365 days a year, but once a year in August, they are placed on a platform and nationally recognized for their bitterness and creative ways. We like celebrating things, and drinking good brews, so we’ve put together this sampler to allow you to join the fun. Go on, quench your thirst; the holiday says to.

Port Brewing / Hop Concept (650 mL, 8.5 % ABV) Aimed to let summer linger for just a bit longer, this tangy, floral IPA makes you yearn for fresh-cut grass and the sweet, sweet smell of lemon zest. A caramel malt backbone helps balance the hints of spice while also allowing the tangelo and lemon flavor to really hit you right in the kisser.

Heretic / Evil Cousin (650 mL, 8.0 % ABV)  Much like that evil cousin you avoid at family reunions, Evil Cousin by Heretic is a bold, in-your-grill beer that’s heavy on the hops but light and easy to drink all afternoon. It’s best enjoyed in dank dark alleys, where it’s big, sticky aggressive hop profile can shine.

Calicraft Brewing / The City IPA (650 mL, 6.4 % ABV) Inspired by mixology, this City IPA is just what the name implies: upbeat, bitter and a vibrant blend of multiple hop profiles. Native blackberry root and orange peel bitters give this IPA citrus and pine tones that leave your palate clean.

Saint Archer Brewing / Imperial IPA (650 mL, 9.0 % ABV) Unlike that fruit cake (or brick) at family Christmas, this Imperial IPA is a fruit cake of sorts that will have you craving more and more. A combination of El Dorado, Simcoe and Citra hops blend together to give heavenly notes of lemon, citrus, and passionfruit in every pint. Fruit serving for the week? Covered.

Alpine Brewing / Duet (650 mL, 7 % ABV) If Sonny and Cher made a beer the way they make music, it’d be Duet by Alpine Brewing. A West Coast IPA that blends Amarillo and Simcoe hops in perfect “harmony” give this beer a floral, light taste that is slightly bitter yet perfectly hoppy. Drinkable and relatable, just like their first album.

Hop Valley / Alpha Centauri Imperial IPA (650 mL, 8.5 % ABV) Big, bold and beautiful would be just a few words to describe this Imperial IPA from Hop Valley. Loaded with a pine and citrus aroma, this clean malt profile paves the way for the Northwest hops to be the lead character in every pint.

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