Denmark and Norway's Best

We all know the great beer producing regions of the world but there's some lesser known areas producing amazing beers as well. In this sampler, we showcase a brewery from Denmark and Norway but with inspiring stories that live up to their beer.

While To Ol may not be a household name yet, in 2014 it was the 9th ranked brewery in the world according to RateBeer. Funny thing, they actually don't "own" a brewery. Much like their former teacher Mikkeller, they are gypsy brewers who originally started out as homebrewers experimenting.

Haandbryggeriet means "hand" brewery. Started by four homebrewers, these guys make insanely small batches of beer in a country where craft beer has been slow to catch on. Their brewery is in a 200 year old wooden structure that once served as one of the brewer's grandfather's car workshop.

To Ol Black Ball (330ml)- 99 on RateBeer. A creamy Imperial Porter with chocolate, coffee and smoke flavors. American hops (Simcoe, Cascade and Centennial) are applied in bunches to balance this full bodied beer.

To Ol Yeastus Christus (500ml)- 95 on RateBeer. A farmhouse IPA that's packed with hops and wild yeast. It has a hop forward fruity profile with notes of pineapple along with a nice sour and tart finish from the wild bacteria. If you like interesting beers that mix styles well, look no further.

Haandbryggeriet Hesjeol (500ml)-  92 on RateBeer. In old Norway, farmers were required by law to make beer (that's awesome). This is a recreation of the harvest ale that was often brewed. Filled with spice, smoke, and fruit flavors, this beer is perfectly balanced to bring out both the malt and hop characters. Centuries of brewing history, all in one bottle.

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