Cali Cider Spectacular Sampler

Summer is here and most of the nation is heating up. What better way to cool off than with a cold dry cider. As I (Caitlin) was exploring a beer festival a few months back, I came across a table of ciders. (Was it because the line was short? Perhaps. No matter.) I sampled a few of 101 Cider House's ciders and was absolutely blown away. I've been waiting for the chance to share their awesome creations with you guys... and this is the week! 

INDIA PALE CIDER (22oz, 6.9%) - The perfect cider for those hop heads out there. The IPC is a blend of american cider apples and fragrant west coast hops. Wild fermentation and then dry hopped with 100% Citra hops. It tastes like an IPA and finishes like a cider. #mindblown

CACTUS RED (22oz, 6.9%) - A cider that pays homage to the southwest with indigenous California cactus pears. Complimenting the rich fruity character is a spicy herbal blast, the result of an infusion of hundreds of pounds of fresh picked local Thai basic. Crimson, complex, aromatic, and delicious.

BLACK DOG (22oz, 6.9%) - The world's first 'black cider'. Yes, that seems strange. But this rich and refreshing cider drinks like a creamy black lemonade - filled with lemon punch and farmhouse funk. What makes it black? Activated charcoal, which is derived from tropical coconuts. You've never had a cider like this before.

PIÑA MENTA (22oz, 6.9%) - To finish our summertime cider sampler, this cider is like a tropical Pacific ocean breeze... pure refreshment. It's naturally infused with hundreds of pounds of fresh pineapples and has a hefty dose of locally sourced mint. Imagine a pineapple Mojito blended with the salinity of a Gose beer. Yes. Yes. YES.

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