Beers of Belgium

In this sampler, we showcase four beers from a country that knows a thing or two about beer - Belgium. This sampler includes two top 50 beers in the world so don't miss out!

  • Leite Cuvee Souer'ise: (330 ml- 8.5% ABV) 100 on RateBeer. One of the top 50 Fruit beers in the world. A triple Kriek aged in oak with notes of cherry and raspberry.  Expect moderate sweetness and light acidity with a long lasting finish.
  • Alvinne Cuvee de Mortagne Aged in Pomerol Wine Barrels: (500ml- 14% ABV) 97 on RateBeer. One of the top 50 Quadruples in the world. Intense red wine and oak barrel notes with sweet malt and dark fruit flavors. Finish is slightly bitter with dark chocolate and warming alcohol for the 14% ABV.
  • De Ranke Guldenberg: (750 ml- 8% ABV) 95 on RateBeer. Strong blonde ale that is unlike any other Belgian triple. De Ranke's Guldenberg is hoppy, malty and produced only in small batches on the weekend. 
  • Fantome Dark White: (750 ml- 4.7% ABV) 97 on RateBeer. A belgian ale made with black pepper. Caramel, brown sugar, clove, spice and belgian funk come forth in this specialty ale.

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